What do I do about my student’s IEP?

  • Point Quest is working with our school districts to determine the best course of action for upcoming IEP meetings.  As so many areas are currently under direction to “shelter in place”, all IEP meetings will NOT be held in person.  We will be either rescheduling meetings for a later date or holding meetings over the phone.  We will be in touch as soon as possible to provide more details.

How do I make sure my student gets food?

  • School Districts are offering “grab and go” meals at certain school sites, and your student is eligible to receive those meals, even though they have been attending a Point Quest school site.  Please see a list of schools in your district that are providing meals titled “Child Nutrition Services”.

How do I make sure my student does not fall further behind?

  • Point Quest is committed to providing support to our families and caregivers during this challenging time.  Our leadership team and teachers have been working on creating a list of resources for educational enrichment.  Please click here to see a list of websites as well as the additional list on our website.  We will be awaiting direction from our school districts on the implementation of the IEP.
  • All Xfinity WiFi hotspots across the country are now free, and many families may qualify for their Internet Essentials package that includes the next 2 months free.  Check with your cell phone provider for free or discounted services.

How does my student access their other services?

  • School Districts and Point Quest Education are working together to determine the most effective and efficient way to provide services such as Speech and Language Services, Occupational Therapy and Mental Health Services to students.  Every day, we are receiving new information on the best way to do this, within the IEP guidelines.  We will continue to communicate with our families and update this website as new information is available.

How do I get my student’s materials/things from school?

  • If your student left items or materials at school, that you would like to retrieve, please contact the site Director or your student’s teacher to arrange a time for pick up.

What do I do about childcare/daycare?

  • As of March 17, Childcare and daycare centers were allowed to operate.  Some had elected to remain open and utilize additional cleaning methods in attempt to protect children and adults from COVID-19. 

Will my student earn high school credits?

  • Once school resumes, High School students will receive credits for study time and work completion.

How will I be updated/informed about school activities?

  • You can expect to hear from the classroom teacher, as well as other therapists (Speech, OT and Mental Health).  We also suggest that you visit this site regularly as we will update it as new information is received.